Renewable electricity
is the best hydrogen strategy

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The European Union is committed to becoming the first climate neutral continent by 2050.

That requires a deep and cost-effective transformation of our energy system which accounts for more than 75% of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Direct electrification is the fastest and most cost-efficient solution to achieve a sharp reduction in CO2 emission across key sectors of the economy and to accelerate the achievement of a renewables-based energy system.

But there are energy uses that could be too expensive to fully electrify or have other technical challenges.

These are the so-called “hard-to-abate” sectors such as chemicals, heavy industry, long haul heavy-duty road transport, aviation and shipping. Renewable hydrogen will be the best future-proof pathway for their full decarbonisation and for walking the last mile towards achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Europe is setting out stimulus plans to kick start its economy. It must ensure all spending is aligned with the goal of climate neutrality and will accelerate the cost-effective business models that create most value for Europe in terms of jobs and growth to deliver the European Green Deal.

To harvest its benefits,
the pathway is clear:


direct electrification to enable the ambitious roll-out of renewables in the next decade, across all energy vectors and key sectors of the economy


the deployment of smart and stronger electricity grid infrastructure as the cornerstone for a successful renewable hydrogen strategy. Robust electricity grids allow for faster and cheaper energy sector integration increasing the flexibility of the entire energy system


renewable hydrogen on a local basis in Europe first to serve the existing demand for hydrogen which already has its local infrastructure


the uptake of a robust European electrolyser industry and the creation of a knowledge base (through Research & Innovation, local skills and jobs) to accelerate the competitive production of 100% renewable-based hydrogen and deliver on Europe’s industrial leadership for future-proof energy technologies


Create jobs

Drive system

Cut carbon

Enhance energy

Lead the world in
sustainable technologies

By making the right choices and placing renewables at the core of Europe’s future energy system, Europe can lead the way in the global energy transition and shape the European Green Deal as a true success story.

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